Health Hero Network (Captain Novolin, Rex Ronan and more!)

Health Hero Network (Captain Novolin, Rex Ronan and more!)

Using the power of video games Raya Systems (later, Health Hero Network) was on a mission to teach kids about Diabetes, Cigarettes, Asthma and Diabetes again. We cover the entire library of games from this developer as we talk about efficacy of games as a learning tool and potential plot holes with asthmatic dinosaurs.

In Captain Novolin we learned, and probably said some incorrect things about Diabetes as we fought our way through alien food to save the diabetic mayor. In Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon, we shrunk down to microscopic size to defeat the effects of smoking and to fight off a wave of killbots that were there to stop Rex from saving the patient so that he wouldn’t survive and tell the world how dangerous smoking was… Then we jumped over to learn about Asthma with Bronkie who was trying to reassemble a machine that would push away the smoke, apparently a dinosaur had disabled it and the entire town was trying to stop you from fixing it… And we came back to diabetes one more time with Packy and Marlon to become even more confused about the disease. We don’t have much for medical facts, but we have a lot of opinions on these games!


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