The Best of the Worst

There is a form of multimedia entertainment, beyond that which is good. These games are as vast in number as they are terrible. They dwell in the dark recesses of history, between money grabbing developers, low quality textures and non-existent plots. Unearthed from the pits of the bargain bin after years in exile. These are the games of horror – This is garbage game night.


The Garbage Valley™ Rating System

It’s not uncommon for us to find a game that is so bad it’s good. Through years of painstaking research and the brave sacrifice of many lab animals we present the Garbage Valley rating system. When reviewing games, you may think the worst rated are the best fodder, but you’d be incorrect. A game that is a true 0 (zero) is something so crudely assembled that no enjoyment whatsoever survives. A zero finds itself in the ‘garbage valley’ (similar to the uncanny valley affecting Tom Hanks in Polar Express, or Final Fantasy Spirits Within). However, if a game is bold in the way it is bad, if it is cannot stand the test of time, but pivots into a joke, it pulls itself out of the Garbage Valley.