Moonbase Alpha (PC)

Moonbase Alpha (PC)

A government-sponsored game about going to the moon and repairing astroid damage to your base all while going far slower than you ever thought possible? Sign us up! We talk about government and moon games, but mostly just about this amazing text-to-speech function. Chris, Tom, Grace and Frank try to save the lunar colony in this week’s episode.

Moonbase Alpha was a 2010 release created by Virtual Heroes and Army Game Studios (The studio behind America’s Army). The game, seemingly sets out to educate and inspire a generation about astronaut operations on the moon. After the lunar base is damaged, you set out as a team to repair the many broken modules, replace couplers, and drive around the rover, for some reason. There is very little to the game, but the DECtalk text-to-speech function changes what would be a boring experience to an incredible one. Jump in with some friends and make robot noises at each other in the Free to play game.


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