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Tomato Way (PC)

Tomato WayTomato western saumari, mad scientist cucumbers, horrifying textures and incomprehensible story. The gang checks out the the low-budget game Tomato Way on Steam and try to make sense of what we’re seeing. Is it high art, is it trash? We’re baffled but intrigued as we hack our way through dungeons with a fork and a dream.

Tomato Way is a creation of Vladislav Castillo Gonzalez of the Ukraine and introduced the world of Ediblon. You follow the footsteps of Tomate, one of the last of his kind. Your story begins by the fireside when you receive a letter from a snail about the cactus sherrif who needs rescuing. You visit the Drunk Rat bar only to discover an incomprehensible Kafkaesque hellscape. We try to comprehend it anyway. Tomato Way is the only way.

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