Bus Simulator 2012 (Steam) + Autobahn Police Simulator (Steam)

Bus Simulator 2012 on GGNPlaying remotely, we brave the metro transit system on a bus, but have to figure out how to turn it on first. We talk all about sim games and when something even qualifies to be a ‘game’. For GGN’s first double header, we experience the pallet cleanser of Autobahn Police Simulator, a free and yet costly simulator. Someone gets awarded a short-bus trophy and Tom manages to launch himself into an existential plane where there is no death, only chaos. Join Hunter, Carley, Tom, Frank and Chris.




autobahn police simulator on GGNWant to play it? Purchase Bus Simulator 2012 Here  and Autobahn Police Simulator Here


Moby Games (Bus)
Moby Games (Autobahn)
Reviews taken from Steam Reviews on 04/8/2020

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